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to carry. >> reporter: the retierped executive say as comparable plan on will cost twice as much 140 0 a month. >> i was shocked to find out my plan was being cancelled and not compliant and my shock, i guess, kind of turned maybe to anger. >> reporter: there was plenty of that anger at today's ways and meanings hearing directed at the chief of cms, the centers for medicare and medicaid. >> this man wrote me and said my wife has been recently informed that her health care policy does not compile with the affordable care act. >> reporter:ç the defense, ina you were -- insurerers had the option to update and could cancel plans before the law. >> half the people in the market before 2010 didn't stay on policies, they were kicked off or preexisting conditions and premiums went up at least 20% a year. >> reporter: the white house knew between 45 to 75% of plans cannot compile and would have to change countering unqualified assurances from president obama. >> if you're one of the more than 250 million american whose already have health insurance, you will keep your health ins
of possible market manipulation. >>> more on the trouble of the affordable care act they looked at what users of the website experience as they shop for health insurance plans and when they found may surprise you. bertha coombs has more. >> reporter: how bad was the first day of open enrollment on six people managed to enroll during the first day. by the morning of october 3rd, fewer than 250 because of the technology problems plaguing the site. while access was universally poor, the site's glitches made access in some of the 36 states on the federal insurance exchange worse than in others. >> there are variations that tend to be effected by geography or which internet service provider or which browser that you're using. >> reporter: engineers in l lexington began independently tracking it in mid october. at that time, users in a hand full of states like oklahoma in green saw pages load with normal 1 to 2-second performance but in states with red it took well over 8 seconds. >> that relates to geography. there are certain techniques employed to m
the rollout of the website. it was over administration claims that would ensure people they could keep their present plans no matter what. the trouble is many carriers are cancelling low-cost, low-coverage plans because they don't compile with tough insurance standards under the law. bertha coombs has more on the contentious hearing. >> reporter: kathleen sebelius seemed prepared for tough questioning starting off with an apology to americans for the rocky rollout of the site was down again today. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems, and i'm committed toç earning your confidence back. >> reporter: republican members pressed sebelius about health officials' late changes to the system design and the lack of proper testing, which last week contractors said contributed to the site's malfunctioning. >> nobody indicated this could go this wrong. i was always advised there is always a risk with a new product and site but never suggested that we delay the launch of october 1st, nor did our contractors suggest th
the problems with the website. now a new poll shows what people's experiences with the on-line marketplace insurance has been like. 65% of people eligible say they are aware of the marketplaces. but only 17% have actually logged on to check out the options. also, roughly one in five investors to the sites, according to the poll, actually enrolled in a new plan. >>> for anyone looking at sears, they announce they will open their doors at 6 a.m. on local time thanksgiving day and stay open round the clock through 11:00 p.m. on black friday. >>> and coming up, buying jefferson the most sought after pieces, as the fall art buying season gets under way. >>> the justice department is looking to avoid a trial scheduled to start this month regarding the u.s. airway's merger. they are currently talking to both carriers, pushing for them to divest some of the key carriers. as a condition for dropping the lawsuit. as an example, in the complaint to stop the merger, the justice department said the combined mergers would control 60% of the landing and take-off slots. shares went higher
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)